Academic Support FAQ


What is a GPA calculator?

A GPA calculator is used to help you calculate your GPA and can be used as a great tool for staying on top of your semester! The University’s GPA calculator can be found at

Is there tutoring available on campus?

The University provides several mechanisms for tutoring:

  • Supplemental Instruction (SI): SI is a free academic resource designed to help student success in historically difficult courses.  Study sessions are led by SI Leaders, students who have already taken the class and succeeded. SI Leaders attend all class lectures, take notes, meet with their assigned faculty member, plan for study sessions, and lead study sessions.  For more sessions regarding SI visit  
  • Private tutoring is also available for a small fee of $15.00 and students must complete at least 4 hours worth of sessions.  For more information regarding private tutoring visit
  • Writing Center: Students can work one-on-one with a trained consultant dedicated to working on writing skills. For more information regarding the writing center visit

Does MSU inform parents/guardians of student academic status prior to the end of the semester?

No.  Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords you certain rights with respect to your education records and does not allow the University to disclose academic records your consent.  You can, however, grant access to parents/guardians to view your academic records through the Parent Portal.  For information on how to get students to set-up their parent portal please visit 

What happens if I fail a class?

  • The University prescribes minimum standards of scholarship in determining whether a student may continue with studies. This determination is made at the end of the fall and spring semesters, at the end of the summer session, or any part of a semester in which the student has been enrolled. While the academic standing of a student is determined by the MSU Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA), students must earn a 2.0 GPA on both the MSU and overall cumulative GPA’s to earn a degree.  Information regarding academic probation, suspension, and dismissal can be found at…. (Individual colleges may have higher GPA requirements for graduation.)
  • The Academic Forgiveness Policy may be used to remove a maximum of two (8 total hours) undergraduate course grades from the computation of your GPA. The course must be repeated at MSU. All courses for which a grade has been assigned will remain on the transcript. However, the notation will appear that the work is not included in the GPA.